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What is it?
NovaPowers is a text based massively multiplayer online game, where you take control of an empire spanning multiple planets wide. In the game, you start with a few ships, but soon build up your fleet, and move out to conquer other playersí ships and planets. The goal of the game is to amass an enormous empire, and set out to conquer the whole galaxy.

Whatís the story?

How do I play?
Gameplay in Nova Powers is quite easy to pick up. The player starts with 3 planets and 25,000 currency, as well as 5 ships to start protecting those planets. The player may choose to buy ships from their shipyard (recommended), scout out uninhabited planets, or attack an enemy planet. This simple choice may affect the whole game for that player, so make sure itís the right one.

Does it cost money?
No, NovaPowers is free to play, but we accept donations of all kinds. To donate, visit the Store

Can I be a Mod?
NO! Becoming a moderator of NovaPowers is reserved for those who have something special to contribute to the site, the game, or the forum. The current moderators can be viewed by clicking the link titled 'Staff' at the bottom of every page.

I canít log in!
Make sure you are using the correct password for your account. If you are still having problems, either try to register again, or email one of the staff by clicking the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.

Where did you get those awesome pictures?
They were handdrawn by our resident artist, Watchwood!

If you have any questions that are not listed above, please contact us by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Game Tips

  • Hospitals are the most expensive planet upgrade in the game. And they're worth every penny. A stock planet with 4 of them has a population growth rate of 10% per day, which shows you just how much people appreciate free health care in the future.
  • When it comes to putting together a fleet, there are any number of ways you can go about it. But a mix of ships of different sizes is one of the most proven methods of going about it.
  • Use a variety of different ground units in your armies - mix them right, and you get a rather substantial combined arms bonus.
  • By increasing the numbers of Industrial Centers at a planet, you can build more types of ground units at that planet.
  • An easy way to move population around your empire is to build a colony ship at a planet, and then move it to the planet you want to have more people and sell it there. The folks aboard the colony ship will automatically take up residence there.

Ship Codes

KT Corvette
FF Frigate
DD Destroyer
CL Light Cruiser
CA Heavy Cruiser
BC Battle Cruiser
BB Battleship
CS Colony Ship
AT Troop Transport
AA Assault Transport
PSV Point Singularity Vessel

Planet Traits

No Atmosphere This planet has no atmosphere.
Toxic Atmosphere This planet has an atmosphere, but it is toxic to human life.
Breathable Atmosphere This planet has an atmosphere that is breathable by humans. This doubles the population limit.
Barren Planet This planet has no natural life forms, whatsoever.
Microscopic Life This planet has natural life forms on the microscopic level.
Evolved Life The life forms on this planet have evolved past the microscopic level, but are not particularly advanced.
Advanced Life This planet boasts highly evolved natural life.
Terrestrial Life The life that has evolved on this planet is so much like earths life forms that it has an increased population growth rate due to immigration.
Sentient Life The presence of a native sentient species on this planet provides a significant bonus to the tax income from the planet.
Light Metal Deposits The massive deposits of light metals on this planet provide a bonus to the construction of naval vessels.
Heavy Metal Deposits The huge amounts of heavy metals on this planet provide a bonus to the construction speed of planetary improvements.
Rare Mineral Deposits Massive quantanties of rare minerals located on the planet provide a substantial boost to tax income.
Hydrogen Deposits Large deposits of fuel grade hydrogen are available on this planet.
Ancient Ruins The ruins from an ancient and highly advanced civilization that are scattered across this planet greatly increases the speed of university research.
Rich Soil The extremely rich soil of this planet is ideal for crop growing, and provides a boost to the maximum spopulation.


Building Description
Capital Center Forms the capital of your empire - privides a bonus to shipbuilding speed to the capital planet.
Colony Center Forms the capital of your colony, and provides basic support for the population there.
Agro Residences Provides food and housing for 1000 milion people each on planets with breathable atmosphere and 500 million each on planets without a breathable atmosphere.
Industrial Centers Speed up construction times for buildings and ships.
Shipyards Build and repair your ships.
Universities When technology is implemented, will provide a bost to your research rate.
Hospitals Increase the population growth rate of a planet.
Internal Security Hub Reduces corruption of your empire.

Ground Units

  • BattleWalker Division: +5 power against armor, infantry, marines
  • Armoured Division: +5 power against infantry, marines
  • Aviation Division: +5 power against walkers, armor, artillery
  • Artillery Division: +1 bonus to all other friendly units power
  • Infantry Division: +10 toughness when defending a planet
  • Marine Division: +10 toughness when defending a planet, +5 power when attacking a planet
  • Starbourne Regiment: +15 power against Air Defense Artillery.
  • Stormtrooper Legion: high base stats
  • Support Division: +10% health to all friendly units
  • Air Defense Artillery: +15 power against walkers, aviation. Can attack during landings

In addition to the above bonus, ground units in battle gain a 50% bonus to both stats if you have at least 1 unit present from each of the following catagories:

Infantry: Armour: Fire Support: Support:
Infantry Division
Marine Division
Starbourne Regiment
Stormtrooper Legion
BattleWalker Division
Armoured Division
Aviation Division
Artillery Division
Air Defense Artillery
Support Division

Finally, all ground units in battle gain a percentage bonus to their firepower equal to 5% of the total rifle stat of all friendly warship orbiting the planet.

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