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Nova Powers is currently undergoing heavy maintenance. By 'maintenance', I mean the whole site is being remade. The place is staying up, but it is quite likely that random pages will stop working. If you have complaints, and I'm sure people will, you can email them to AvidWriter117(at)yahoo(dot)com

Please be understanding. I'm trying to make Nova Powers good again, and that will require a lot of work on my part. If you have any ideas, let me know. I won't be viewing the forums, so email everything to me.

Avido - 8/27/2010

P.S. All new users, you may not be able to register the normal way. Email me and I'll set you up with an account.

I've hit a snag already - I can't really work on pages without closing the site. If I leave the site up I'll have to make new pages for everything. Or rather, make a double of every page on the site. Which will not only clutter the database but make everything much more complicated than it has to be. Ideas anyone?

Avido - 8/27/2010

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